Censer box

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Discover our complete Asian incense burner kits including all the necessary accessories and equipment to immerse yourself in a Zen and relaxing experience.

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    Japanese Copper Censer Kit with Wooden Tray
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    Blue Ceramic Incense Burner Box Japanese Blue Lid
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    Blue Ceramic Incense Burner Box with Beige Japanese Lid
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    Large Japanese Copper Censer Set
    4.50 out of 5
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    Small Japanese Copper Censer Box
    4.50 out of 5

What does each Zen Censer set contain?

Each set includes at least a spatula, a spoon, a mini brush, a seal to make a beautiful spiritual pattern, white ash powder, incense powder and a beautiful censer with its lid.

Please note that depending on the model of censer, you will have one or more refills of ash powder, various additional decoration accessories, different types of incense, different colors and designs of censer.

And most importantly, the seal to bring your powdered incense to life varies with each model.