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Discover the mysterious Agarwood: A wood with multiple virtues

Bois d'agar

Agarwood, also known as Oud wood, Eagle wood, Aloe wood, calambac or gaharu, is a natural treasure from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

This precious wood, characterized by its dark color and enchanting scent, is one of the 10 most expensive woods in the world, according to Business Insider.

Traditional uses of Agarwood

For centuries, Agarwood has been used in Asia for its therapeutic and spiritual properties.

It is known for its virtues:

  • anxiolytics
  • sedatives
  • fortifying
  • aphrodisiacs
  • anti-asthmatics

as reported in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

Agarwood in the perfume industry

Bois d'agar

Agarwood is marketed in three forms: raw, powder and oil. Its main use today is in the perfume industry, which exploits its fragrant resin to create Agarwood perfumes, true elixirs of eternal scents.

Its fragrance, as well as its noble appearance, is also used as incense in many religious or spiritual rituals.

The health benefits of Agarwood

Agarwood is a true gift of nature, capable of relieving many ailments. It is at the same time anxiolytic, natural sedative, fortifying, aphrodisiac and antiasthmatic.

For many of us, Agarwood is a precious tool whose virtues help to balance life. This is why we propose this incense with Agarwood, which will allow you to benefit easily from its benefits.

Agarwood in religious rituals

Agarwood is also used in religious and oriental ceremonies. Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus and Muslims use it for funerals, weddings, births and other sacred ceremonies.

It is used in various forms, but it is especially in the form of Agarwood incense that it is most used.

Aloe wood in perfumery

Aloe wood is also used in perfumery. In this field, the oriental scents of the oil of the wood powder are exploited to create a unique perfume with diverse and striking aspects.

Oud-based perfumes are rare, luxurious and above all expensive. In many luxury hotels, such as in Dubai, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Oud is also used as an interior fragrance.

The therapeutic virtues of Agarwood

Bois d'agar

Agarwood offers multiple therapeutic properties. In traditional Asian medicine, it is used to treat various physical diseases and mental disorders.

Rich in terpenoids, Agarwood acts as a natural sedative and anxiolytic. Also containing polyphenols, it acts as a natural antioxidant.

Agarwood : A luxury ingredient in perfumery

Since the dawn of time, Oud wood has been used as a perfume. Whether for the body or as a home fragrance.

In many cultures, women used to perfume their clothes and themselves with Agarwood oil to give off a sensual aura.

Agarwood Incense: A Purification Ritual

It is especially an Ayurvedic incense. Indeed, it has many virtues for the body and mind. It brings appeasement, concentration, inner peace and open-mindedness.

It is known to have positive effects on the mind and especially on thoughts. Discover our incense of agarwood powder on our shop.

Agarwood: A lucrative trade

Due to its rarity and value, Agarwood is one of the 10 most expensive woods in the world. Experts estimate the annual global market for this wood at 6 billion dollars.

A small piece of wood can cost 20 to 30 euros while the perfume with Agarwood of big brands can cost in thousands of euros. Agarwood is an extremely valuable product, a true treasure of nature.

Agarwood: A symbol of luxury and refinement

Agarwood, with its enchanting scent and rarity, has become a symbol of luxury and refinement. It is used in the world’s most expensive perfumes, and its oil is often considered more precious than gold.

It is also used in religious and spiritual rituals, adding a sacred dimension to its aura of luxury.

The Agarwood: A gift of nature to preserve

Bois d'agar

Despite its value and importance, Agarwood is a natural resource that must be preserved. The overexploitation of this precious tree has led to its scarcity, which has increased its price on the market.

It is therefore essential to ensure the sustainable use of Agarwood, so that future generations can also benefit from its benefits.

Agarwood : A unique sensory journey

The Agarwood experience is a unique sensory journey. Its enchanting scent transports you to the rainforests of Asia, while its therapeutic properties soothe your body and mind.

Whether in the form of perfume, incense or oil, Agarwood offers you an unforgettable experience.

The Agarwood: A treasure to discover

If you have not yet discovered Agarwood, it is time to do so.

Whether for its therapeutic virtues, its bewitching perfume or simply for the pleasure of discovering a rare and precious natural product, Agarwood is a treasure to be discovered.

Summary of the Agarwood market and its production in the world:

Agarwood is a natural resin produced by certain diseased trees in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is highly sought after for a variety of uses, including traditional Asian medicine, the cosmetics industry, and the manufacture of incense and perfumes.

There is a large trade in agarwood, with major buyers in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, France and the Middle East. However, some of this trade is illegal, which raises sustainability concerns.

In terms of production, there are agarwood-producing tree plantations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. However, these trees are threatened with extinction due to overexploitation, and conservation efforts are underway, including by CITES and IUCN.

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