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White Japanese Incense Ashes 65 gr

A Breath of Purity, the Lightness of Japan in a Breeze of White Ashes
4.50 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


White Japanese Incense Ashes 65 gr : The essence of calm and purification. Transform your space with these sacred ashes.
Reduction of the stress
Feeling of inner peace
Increased relaxation
Stimulates your creativity
Improves the concentration
Get more patience
A magnificent object of decoration
Balance body and mind
Health physical and psychological
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Used by over 3000 hands to create, relax or bring a zen touch to your interior space.
A pure moment of happiness!

“These ashes bring a serene atmosphere to my home.” – Marie

Excellent quality!

“I highly recommend it for a moment of intense relaxation.” – Peter

A trip to Japan without leaving home, I love it

“Perfect for placing my incense sticks and spirals. A beautiful white and easy to clean ” – Lucie

Discover Japanese serenity with our White Japanese Incense Ashes in compact size. These ashes are ideal for creating a pristine bed for your wood-based incenseThis will amplify their virtues and transform your space into a haven of peace in just a few minutes.

These white incense ashes are the preferred choice for filling incense burners, incense burners and other non-flammable containers. Using these ashes, oxygen can circulate around the burning incenseThis gives your Japanese incense burner greater versatility.

  • High quality materials: These incense ashes are imported directly from Japan, guaranteeing their quality and authenticity.
  • Functional design: The white ashes allow an optimal diffusion of the incense smoke, creating a soothing atmosphere.
  • Authentic Japanese style: These incense ashes, with their pure white color, bring a touch of culture and refinement to your incense ritual.
  • Decorative object : In addition to their functionality, these incense ashes are also a beautiful decorative item that will add a touch of elegance to your space.

Imported from Japan, this ash is the preferred material for filling incense burners, incense burners or any other non-flammable container.

The use of this ash allows oxygen to circulate around the burning incense and gives your Japanese incense burner greater versatility. Suitable for sticks, cones and wood-based incense.

A soft and purifying olfactory journey, these white Japanese incense ashes of 65 gr bring serenity and harmony to your interior:

  • 1 Bottle of Japanese incense ash of 65 gr

Instructions for use incense in Japanese incense burnerThese white ashes, imported from Japan and based on plants, are perfect to increase the smell and the power of your incenses based on beauty. But also to place your incense sticks or form your incense spiral.

Use of Japanese white ashes:

  • Place the white Japanese ashes in your censer to form a homogeneous mattress to accommodate your wood-based incense.
  • Place your incense stick or incense and light it.
  • Let the smoke rise gently for an assured zen atmosphere.

When to replace the Japanese white ashes in my censer?

You can change them whenever you want. But we advise you to replace them every 10 uses to avoid any smell or any problem.

As you burn incense, the amount of ash increases.

After a long period of use, the ashes may contain tiny bits of incense and oils that give them a strange smell.

In this case, you can sift the ashes and bake them at 450 degrees for 30 minutes. This should remove the odor from the ashes themselves.

2 reviews for White Japanese Incense Ashes 65 gr

  1. 4 out of 5

    Sara (verified owner)

    I can finally, too, do ASMR and a zen ritual!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Janice (verified owner)

    Good quality Japanese ashes, I recommend.

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